CNC Hob Sharpening Machine

The A6/A6+ CNC Hob Sharpening Machines from ACSTAR are developed with ACSTAR’s extensive experience in cutting tool machining equipment in combination with the latest technology. Featuring advanced computer control, the series of machine are high precision, versatile grinding machines with 5 axes control and 4 axes simultaneous control. These machines are applicable for sharpening hobs with straight and spiral flutes. In addition, upon customer’s requirement, these machines are available to design with an additional complicated part grinding function for sharpening the cutting edge of the slotting hob. The models A6 /A6+ employ HSK interchangeable grinding wheel shank that helps to reduce wheel change time during machining, resulting in a higher production efficiency and increase of customer’s product development competition capabilities. As such, ACSTAR A6/A6+series is your best choice in upgrading production competitiveness and product development.

Wheel Head

  • - The wheel head employs a built-in type wheel spindle, providing maximum speed of up to 10,000 rpm.
  • - Inserted type spindle design not only saves space but also increases spindle rigidity.
  • - Accommodates CBN and conventional grinding sheels.

Spindle Head

  • - Employs high precision angular contact roller bearing for resisting axial and radial loads.
  • - The spindle head (C-axis) is driven by a servo motor allowing hob to position accurately.
  • - Employs high precision worm gear set. (Japanese made)

Manual Tailstock

  • The tailstock quil movement is manually operated.
  • Oil-immersed lubrication ensures smooth and durable sliding.
  • Quill pressure can be adjusted by a regulation knob.


  • This machine is suitable for grinding Hob cutters and Spur Gear Shaper cutters.
  • Able to use conventional grinding wheels and CBN or diamond grinding wheels for efficient grinding or sharpening on HSS and Tungsten Carbide Hobs.
  • The machining data can be directly input by touching screen, and full control settings can be realized for automatic operation.
  • After settings such as rough grinding, fine grinding and grinding strokes enable high-efficiency as well as high-precision sharpening of the cutter edge and a drastic reduction in grinding time.
  • Since the indexing axis and the feed axis are both controlled by servo motors, preparations for processing such as cumbersome gear exchange are eliminated.
  • Graphical dialogue operation software, easy to learn.
  • AA grade hob accuracy can be achieved with appropriate parameter settings.
  • 10,000 rpm built-in high-speed grinding wheel spindle.
  • 4 Axis SYNTEC controller included TFT touch screen.
  • Compact structure saves floor space.
  • Use a fully enclosed splash guard and oil mist collector to prevent dust and mist form splashing.

Error of hobs and effect of the hobbed gears

Correct Cutting Face
Cutting Lance Profile
Plus Rake Angle
Index Error
Minus Rake Angle
Number of Axis 5 Axes
Max. workpiece diameter / length 250mm/300L
Max. number of index 1-99
Allowable spiral lead value 1000-∞mm
Max. Lead angle ±30°
Max. Gash depth 40mm
Grinding Wheels
Type of Grinding Wheels 傳統砂輪/CBN/SDC
Grinding wheel diameter Ø250mm
Maximum grinding speed 35m/s
Grinding Wheel Spingdle Head
Rotation angle ±30°
Max. Rotation Speed 10000rpm
Motor Power 15KW
Interface of grinding wheel spindle HSK-A63
(Z Axis)Work table stoke length 670mm
Workpiece center high 160mm
Spindle hole taper MT4
Wheel spindle and workpiece cneter distance 600mm
Electrical Power
Total power consumption 20KVA
Machine Layout
Machine Size W2700xD1800xH2100
Machine weight 約5200kg

Standard Equipment :

  • Hob Mandrel
  • Oil mist Collector
  • Cooling system for spindle
  • Grinding fluid filtration equipment

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